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Important Note:
By continuing, you agree that finding a provider on this site is not a guarantee of benefits coverage. It is your responsibility to:

Contact the provider to verify new patient status, location, participation in the network and that the provider accepts your plan.

Network providers have agreed to offer discounts on covered services which are reflected in your final bill. (Discounts for non-covered services are at the provider's discretion.) Discounted costs for services mean you may be able to reduce your out-of-pocket costs for medical services. If you have a major medical plan, you may need to stay with certain networks and providers to get the most coverage out of that plan. Be sure to take that into consideration.

For the MultiPlan Network for Limited Benefit Plans discounts to apply, benefits must be paid directly to the provider. Ask your provider for the assignment of benefits form.

For language assistance, please call 866-981-7427 and hold for a representative. For TTY/TDD service, please call 866-918-7427.Report an ADA barrier