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Finally, there's an independent statewide PPO network with the cost-saving muscle to battle healthcare cost increases that outpace the rest of the country. With more than 20 years of experience, HealthEOS provides the most comprehensive primary PPO network access in Wisconsin to nearly a million members. Details of our four network products are below, or you can see an at-a-glance product comparison here.

HealthEOS Network is Wisconsin’s largest independent primary PPO network, with access to more than 135 hospitals, 1,200 ancillary care facilities, and 26,000 professionals. The network includes every one of Wisconsin's major health systems and many independent providers located statewide and in bordering areas.

For plans that qualify, the HealthEOS Plus option delivers the same broad network access as the HealthEOS Network, but with increased savings comparable to that of an HMO with a wide selection of our participating providers in eastern Wisconsin.

Providers who participate at the HealthEOS Plus discount level have committed to more than double the usual discounts. When various plan members access this sizable portion of the network, the result is an increase in the group’s overall savings – typically 5-10 percentage points and potentially even higher depending on utilization. Your plan’s administrator can confirm the eligibility of your specific plan.

HealthEOS Select Network is made up of more than 90% of HealthEOS Network participating providers. In exchange for removing select health systems from the HealthEOS Select Network, other systems in those markets offer greater savings to HealthEOS Select members. Claims analyses for actual clients have demonstrated a 3-8 percentage point increase in overall savings.

The HealthEOS Select Network is only slightly smaller than the HealthEOS Network. The excluded health systems account for only one in seven participating providers in 25 counties located mainly in northwestern and central Wisconsin. The health systems offering greater savings account for one in two participating providers in these counties. When various plan members access these health systems, the result is an increase in the group’s overall savings.

Access to HealthEOS Select is subject to some benefit plan requirements. Contact us for details.

HealthEOS Select Plus combines the HealthEOS Select Network with the HealthEOS Plus option. For plans that qualify and have members located throughout the state, HealthEOS Select Plus delivers the best savings potential of all four network products. See an at-a-glance product comparison here.

HealthEOS networks are easily complemented with nationwide access to a comprehensive suite of products that together help our clients to never pay the retail cost of a medical claim.